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Howdy, My name is Musa Aminu, my friends call me Merlin. I am your friendly neighbor of 45 years old. I have been following MLS since the league’s first kick off in 1996 and have always had a strong passion for soccer in general. I have held both the european football and the american soccer games dearly. I have spent the last 10 years watching most matches and have developed a keen eye for talent.


I would love to use my knowledge to help answer all the questions you have the sport by talking about the sport in general, posting news updates, giving you players profiles, evaluating teams and many more. In addition to watching games, I also follow college soccer closely and am aware of players who could be helpful for your local team. I would love to use my knowledge of the sport for your benefit moving forward.

I have been a professional soccer analyst for over 10 years now, starting with a local soccer publication in DC. Since then, I’ve moved on to write for ESPNFC and Soccerly, where I’ve covered both international and domestic soccer but always had an eye on Major League Soccer, which has been an exciting place to watch over the past few years as it became one of America’s most popular sports leagues.

Thanks for visiting my blog Contact me at:  goalballs.com@gmail.com

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