Cristiano Ronaldo to MLS: Which teams would be the best fit if Manchester United star comes stateside?

From Beckham’s current club to his former club.

If there’s a team that knows how to sign a star, it’s the Galaxy. Beckham, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez… the list goes on and on.

Hollywood could certainly tempt Ronaldo, who has always been a larger-than-life figure. In Los Angeles, he could live among the biggest stars in the world, do the talk show appearances, make the movie cameos.

But, for the stars that have played for the Galaxy, one of the biggest draws has always been the normalcy of it all, not the glitz and glamor.

In Los Angeles, everyone is someone and, because of that, there’s a different culture when it comes to fame. Celebrities are treated differently there than anywhere else because there are simply so many of them.

So, for someone like Ronaldo, who has hardly had a chance to breathe in public since he was a teenager, a chance to live a normal, private life could be an incredible opportunity.

It’s what drew Gerrard to LA when he swapped the familiarity of Liverpool for Hollywood.

“Life off the pitch has been pretty much straightforward,” he told CNN back in 2016.

“Los Angeles is a fantastic city. The weather’s good. I go about reasonably unrecognized and I’ve got peace and quiet out here. There’s so much to do out here for myself and my family.”

Could that be the right decision for Ronaldo, who is also a big family man? Possibly. And could the Galaxy pull it off? Well, with three DPs in their squad, they’d have to part ways with either Kevin Cabral or Douglas Costa.

But history has shown the Galaxy are willing to do whatever it takes, especially when it comes to bringing in a signing that could truly change the game.

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