Pel health update: Family posts a video of the Brazilian legend’s deathbed

Unfortunately, we are living through the last moments of Pel’s losing battle against cancer and his family is doing everything in their power to make O’Rei feel comfortable. Last Friday, his daughter Kely Nascimento posted an image that painted part of a terribly sad reality for the king of soccer. She was holding on to her father while trying to enjoy the very last moments he has on this planet. But Saturday’s post was far more concerning for all the fans who are praying for him to survive this. To be blunt, Pel doesn’t have high expectations of surviving this battle against cancer.

In the video, the Brazilian legend is shown with his family showing him a smart phone as somebody is talking to him through it. The problem is that Pel doesn’t look like he is fully aware of what’s happening. We have no idea if this is an effect of the medicine he is taking or if he is in some kind of anesthetic. Pel is still expected to spend Christmas at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Medical center but his family members know this is a dire situation for him. Ever since he was diagnosed with cancer, Pel has been trying to fight for his life but his advanced age is also a major factor here.

Pel getting messages from his familyKely Nascimento

Numerous football personalities send messages to Pel

Over the last 48 hours, there have been many different football personalities who have sent messages of support to Pel. Other Brazilian footballers such as Neymar have been sending messages to their idol while there are many social media messages coming from all around the world. The entire world of football is ocncerned about Pel health status. However, we all know the situation is not optimal and anything can happen in the span of a few hours. All we can do by now is wait for the moment and feel grateful we lived in an era where Pel was still alive for many years.

Pel’s son, Edinho is already at the hospital with his father and waiting for the moment of his departure. Football legends passing on like this is always a heart breaker, but Pel has lived a pretty fulfilling life so far. No matter what happens, he can rest assured the entire world loves him and his legacy will continue until the end of time. For many, the greatest footballer who ever lived. Especially for the older generations who got to see both him and all the other football legends who came after.

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